Thursday, May 24, 2012

Roof Core is Finished

The roof has a core of 1/4th by 5/4th western red cedar lathes that have been beaded and coved using the same technique as wood-strip canoe construction. It will eventually be fiber-glassed, providing a watertight and lightweight roof ideal for our climate here. The inside will be insulated, so none of the cedar will be visible. Shame, but I just wanted the wood for its excellent strength-to-weight properties. I could have used thin plywood to achieve the same results, but the cove-and-bead method is free of tension (which is always preferred). The eaves are lined with 5/8th cedar, most of which was left over from when I repaired the hot tub.

After the repetitive work on the roof core I needed a break, so I've started some of the fancy work on the back end. The door is of 5/4 Douglass fir. The rails and stiles are made from old door stiles that I picked up at a yard sale ($2.00!). I may eventually carve a Celtic knot into the panel, but right now I need to focus on getting thing thing roadworthy.

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