Monday, December 20, 2010

Step 2

I cut the frame in half (on the horizontal plane) and welded inserts to raise the trailer's sides up from 14" to 2 feet. I used an older Sears 110v mig welder with gas shielding. It does an OK job. Not pretty but it passed the sledge hammer test. I then added the shocks which are mounted to the frame and axle U-clamps by means of 1/4 inch thick mild steel angle iron brackets.  I used light duty RV shocks from Napa Auto-parts, and I've got to say that the folks there were very helpful (unlike the folks at Schmuck's, or something like that, who thought I was nuts).

I've been working on the design more and getting the family in on "fittings."  We used pieces of scrap wood to make sure we will all fit comfortably inside, that the beds will be big enough, and that the seats and table the right height.

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